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Speak Up for Dogs and its parent site — Dog Food Advisor — recognize that your privacy is very important to you. We believe you have a right to control your personal information.

Privacy IconWe also understand that sharing personal information is an act of trust. So, we take that trust seriously.

This Privacy Policy represents part or our Terms of Use and as such should be considered in context with that agreement.

Your email address will never be displayed on this or any other website.

We promise not to email you anything unrelated to Speak Up for Dogs. What’s more, when you provide your email address, it will be stored safely.

If you sign a petition, you may be sent a special email to confirm you have actually signed the petition. Your email address may be used for signature verification by Speak Up for Dogs.

Your Information

Speak Up for Dogs will never share or sell your personal information to any third party. However, when signing a petition, you are authorizing us to forward your signature and email address to the petition’s target.

For this reason, the target of a petition may view your signature details to confirm their authenticity.

Signature Comment Display
and Search Engine Access to Signature Lists

When signing a petition, your signature (not your email) may be publicly displayed in a signature list on this website.

Public lists give strength to each petition and confidence to other potential signers.


We use cookies to remember who you are. In addition, Speak Up for Dogs uses cookies and scripting for several site functions. This information is used to enhance customer experience of our software.

Email Contact from Speak Up for Dogs

If you sign a petition, you may receive a special email that asks you to confirm you have actually signed the petition. Occasionally, you may be sent information about related petitions and site updates.

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